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Digital Media Nashville & Digital Media New York - Digital Marketing, Design, Video Editing, Web Development Ageny for CliquePrize Small Business Clients

Digital Media Is The Marketing, Design, Video & Web Development Agency of CliquePrize

Digital Media, with offices in Nashville and New York City, assists Sponsors of CliquePrize (mainly Small Business Owners & Artists) with an array of Digital Marketing, Design. Video and Web Development services. Need help with Pay Per Click and promoting your CliquePrize giveaway on Google or Facebook etc? Need a new background image, banners and other digital assets for your CliquePrize giveaway? Need an edit on a video perhaps to use across Social Media? Need an entirely new website for your small business or artist? We’ve got you covered.

CliquePrize - Mobile App Entertainment Marketing, Sweepstakes, Contests, Events, Raffles, Instant Win Promotions Lead Generation for SMBs

HollywoodPrize is now CliquePrize! Investors Welcome!

Founded originally as (June 24, 2003) and re-later re-branded as (October 2005) as a desktop Sweepstakes site, CliquePrizeCliquePrize is the mobile app still in development with a new name and logo.

The new mobile app is led by Rob Salerno of Digital Media Nashville based in Nashville, TN. Interested investors should visit page.