Email Marketing

Digital Media Nashville can help you to design, develop (HTML) and deliver email blasts, drip campaigns, eNewsletters and auto-responders for direct marketing purposes that help you create or target your qualified list of existing or potential clients, customers or leads. Our email capabilities include:

Lead & Customer Email Nurturing  – including compelling subject lines, HTML Design and embedded video. We can build and create email templates, eNewsletter copy and content and automation programs to ensure your email success. We can also help you track:

  • Open Rates  -the % of email recipients that have been sent an email and have decided to view it from any given list
  • Bounce Backs – The number of email addresses that have been returned to the sender either because the email address of the sender was blocked (by the recipient) or the recipient’s email address has been changed, removed, deleted or rendered outdated.
  • Read Receipts – The number of email recipients that have read the email from the sender
  • Click-Throughs – The total number of times any given link inside the content of the sender’s email has been clicked by the recipient from a given email blast
  • Click-Through Rate – The % of times all the email recipients have clicked through a link inside the content of the sender’s email from a given email blast
  • Auto-Responders – An automated email message either sent from the email sender or Technology Marketing Lead Demand Generation Tool to the recipient as a result of sending or receiving an email at the appropriate time
  • Email List Management – The process a scrubbing, merge / purge large email lists for the purposes of keeping it updated with current recipient email addresses without duplication. We partner with large data warehouses for list verification
  • Drip Campaigns & A/B Email Testing – We automate Drip Campaigns using the latest email marketing tools – SilverPop, Adobe Campaign, MailChimp, Salesforce ExactTarget / Pardot, Magento, HubSpot and Marketo. We also A/B Test email subject lines and body content to ensure the highest delivery and open rates in the business.

If you are in immediate need to improve your Email Delivery Success and Improve Online Conversions for your business, please contact us today!