Mobile Marketing

Digital Media Nashville can help you create Mobile Marketing campaigns to help you drive brand awareness, engagement and conversions through innovative Mobile A/B Testing, Keyword based short-code SMS Text Messaging and a variety of other mobile campaigns. Our mobile capabilities include:

Mobile Marketing  – short-code SMS Text Messaging / MMS to Smartphones

  • Content  – Crafting the content of a message that will be compelling to end users
  • Keyword / Short Code -Select a Keyword and purchase a dedicated Short Code to run multiple campaigns for your brand.
  • Contests – Run a Mobile Contest on CliquePrize and create a viable list of users engaged in your brand
  • Mobile Landing Page Optimization – Optimize your Mobile Landing Pages from HTML Links built within your texting campaign or Native Mobile Apps
  • Define Objectives / Create Call To Action Plan – Decide pre-launch on the intended target audience, conversion goals, and links contained within the mobile messaging campaign
  • Mobile PPC Paid Search / Internet – Run Pay Per Click Mobile Web Search Engine Marketing Campaigns on Mobile Ad Networks to build awareness and increase conversions
  • Mobile Surveys – We offer the best in-class Mobile Survey capabilities on the market today. A simple swipe “Yes” or “No” to our questions makes life a lot easier and engagement too.
  • Mobile A/B Testing – Run an Mobile A/B Testing on your Native Mobile App to determine how to lift your MAUs or DAUs using the latest tools on the market
  • Tracking – Track click-throughs and delivery metrics for all Mobile Campaigns as well as new visitor acquisition, sales, leads and account creation using the latest mobile tracking tools

If you are in immediate need to improve your Mobile Delivery Success and Improve Handheld Conversions for your business, please contact us today!